How to uninstall 'JoyLauncher' from an Alcatel phone

Post date: Sep 26, 2017 9:31:27 AM

The so-called "Joy Launcher" has bricked many an Alcatel phone. The secret to getting rid of it is not to just try to uninstall "Joy Launcher" but to wind-back File Manager as well.The first thing to do is install an alternate file manager such as Evie. You can do this from the Google Play Store.

The next thing is to stop Joy Launcher and File Manager from auto updating.

Alcatel's Joy Launcher is a classic example of corporate immorality and greed. It literally spams your android phone, making it in some cases next to useless. The following steps are the best solution, apart from rooting and flashing, to getting rid of the incessant popups and "updates" that Joy Launcher instigates.

How to avoid the application auto update

a) Touch Google Play Store app;

b) Touch Menu key at the top left corner of screen;

c) Touch “Settings”;

d) Touch “Auto-update apps”;

e) Select “Do not auto-update apps”.

2. How to remove an unwanted application update

a) Touch the menu icon , you will see all applications;

b) Select the app which you don’t want to update;

c) Long-press and drag the app to “App info”;

d) Touch Menu key (on the top right corner of screen);

e) Touch “Uninstall updates”;

f) Touch “OK”;

g) Touch “OK”;

h) Uninstall finished.

Or you can go to “Settings” -> “Apps” -> select the app which you don’t like to update -> touch Menu key (on the top right corner of screen) -> touch “Uninstall updates” -> touch “OK” -> touch “OK” -> uninstall finished.

You then need to go to Apps Settings -> Apps, select the relevant apps and turn off peeking and notifications for Joy Launcher and File Manager.