Dermocybe austroveneta

Dermocybe austroveneta, alternately known as Cortinarius austrovenetus and commonly known as the Green Skin-head, and Green Dermocybe is an inedible brightly coloured green gilled fungus which naturally occurs in south eastern Australia.

Initially described as Cortinarius austrovenetus by Australian naturalist John Burton Cleland in 1928, this mushroom along with many other members of the group was separated from the huge genus Cortinarius, and placed in the newer genus Dermocybe, commonly called Skin-heads, derived from the meaning of their scientific names. However, this genus is often treated as a subgenus of Cortinarius only.

The fruiting bodies of Dermocybe austroveneta are smooth with a convex or flat cap which can be up to 16 centimetres (6 in) across.The pigment has been isolated and described as Austrovenetin.[2] They have yellowy brown; adnate gills underneath the cap. Like all members of the Cortinariaceae family this mushroom has a thin web-like veil (the cortina) protecting the gills in the early stages of growth. Remnants of this veil may be seen (often quite fleetingly) on the mature stem.