Fungi web links

There are lots of fungi sites on the web, and Google lists them all. Below are some sites that have caught our attention. They are not necessarily ones at the top of Google's list, as the authors sometimes are not web page experts, but all contain interesting information. The list below is in no particular order.

  • Australian Fungi - a blog has a series of articles with excellent articles on fungi, concentrating on the fungi of the Hunter Valley region in New South Wales - exacytly where many of the fungi we have photographed come from.
  • The best fungi site for Australian fungi is undoubtedly Fungimap. Apart from excellent photographs and descriptions, Fungimap puts out regular pdf newsletters which contain a wealth of information and are free to download. The Fungimap project is an ongoing concern which is mapping the distrubution of fungi across Australia.
  • The Sydney Fungal Studies Group have a site which contains a compehensive gallery of images of fungi in the Sydney basin area, especially hygrocybes from Lane Cove National Park. Unfortunately, many of the images are heavily watermarked.
  • Bill Leithead's fungi pages also has an extensive online photographic catalogue of Australian fungi - concentrating on Victorian fungi. The site also includes some very good general inforamtion.
  • A good site for fungi recipes is
  • Excellent site describing slime moulds:
  • A new site is Besides other functionality, this site has a forum dedicated to Australian fungi.