Boletus aff. laetissimus

Boletus aff. laetissimus, Rocky Crossing Walk, Williams River Walk, Barrington National Park, New South Wales, after rain, late April, 2007 In eucalypt forest at Lagoon Pinch, clay soil. Vivid yellow and orange. Cap stains fingers and paper yellow. Pores extremely fine, vivid orange. Stipe stout - yellow orange near cap, deep tan near base. Cap 45mm across, stipe 55mm long, 35mm across widest point. Larger bolete third larger. Flesh when cut vivid yellow, stains very slightly greenish yellow. Orange tubules darken when cut then both flesh and tubules fade to deep ochre orange. Stipe stuffed, firm, and darkens to olive colour when cut, returning to orange after a few minutes. Very pleasant edulis like smell. No spore print detected. Sample kept. Looks similar to internet photos and descriptions (except for staining) of Boletus laetissimus. Roy Halling says it is "in the laetissimus group. There is another all orange one described by Massee as B. rufoaureus. It is pictured in Corner's Malaysia bolete book. The (Australian) taxa definitely needed sorting"