Psilocybe cubensis "The Goldtop"

Post date: Apr 8, 2017 12:15:04 AM

Growing in rich moist soil well fertilised with cow manure at the Upper Allyn Lister Village, April 5, 2017. Note the bluish green staining of the stipe when bruised, the dark purple colouring (from the spores) of the annulus (the ring around the stipe). Cap is around 75mms across, and distinctly golden in colour. Stipe is fibrillous, and mildly stuffed. This is a psychoactive mushroom that tastes mildly unpleasant, inducing a trip after taking just one that starts about 40 minutes to one hour after injestion and last six to eight hours.. This is Psilocybe cubensis commonly known as Goldtops.