The Vulger Tongue

BILL AT SIGHT. To pay a bill at sight; to be ready at all times for the venereal act.

Our Daily Bread

Chinese Salad. Mix 2 dozen cooked oysters with 3 truffles, and 2 cooked potatoes cut into shreds; season with salt and pepper. Add all kinds of chopped herbs, and moisten with white wine. Line the salad bowl with crisp lettuce leaves; fill with the mixture; sprinkle with finely chopped parsley. Pour over a mayonnaise dressing and garnish with anchovy fillets.

Private Area


Blueswami's offerings

Fungi, postcards and sex

At first blush, you wouldn't think there is any connection at all between fungi, postcards and sex. But you would be wrong. More

Drop Bears

Drop Bears are carnivorous marsupials distantly related to the koala, but whose vicious, determined killer instinct has made them the unseen assassins of the Australian bush. More


Lichens are not plants or fungi, but a symbiotic arrangement between fungi and algae, allowing them both to live in places neither could survive individually. More