The Vulger Tongue

TO SOAK. To drink. An old soaker; a drunkard, one that moistens his clay to make it stick together.

Our Daily Bread

English Stuffed Duck. Clean and season the duck; then chop the giblets. Add 1 onion, some celery and parsley. Mix with 1 cup of bread-crumbs and a beaten egg. Season this highly and fill the duck. Put in the dripping-pan with some hot water, 1/2 glass of sherry and a lump of butter. Sprinkle with flour; bake until done. Serve with apple-sauce.

Private Area


Blueswami's offerings

Russian Costumes

Russia is an immense territory, parts of it unknown even in our own day, embracing every kind of climate and many latitudes. The country; is inhabited by people of different origins, amongst whom; the Slavs predominate, and whose manners and customs are of the greatest antiquity.

Mungo National Park

Lake Mungo is an archaeologically significant part of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area located 987 km west of Sydney.


Blueswami lists some of the common fossils found in new South Wales. More