The Vulger Tongue

BUNTER. A low dirty prostitute, half whore and half beggar.

Our Daily Bread

Polish Apple Dumpling. Peel and core the apples and fill the space with currants. Sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and grated lemon peel, and cover each apple with a rich pie-paste. Lay on a well-buttered pie-dish and let bake until done. Serve with wine sauce.

Private Area


Blueswami's offerings


Drop Bears

Drop Bears are carnivorous marsupials distantly related to the koala, but whose vicious, determined killer instinct has made them the unseen assassins of the Australian bush. More

Fungi, postcards and sex

At first blush, you wouldn't think there is any connection at all between fungi, postcards and sex. But you would be wrong. More


Coprolites are literally the fossilised poo of ancient animals. These coprolites are from giant wombats that lived millions of years ago. More