Swains Gardens

Bamboo Roots

- Bamboo roots, Swains gardens, Killara, NSW, Australia

Mycena viscidocruenta

- Mycena viscidocruenta, Swains Gardens, Killara, Sydney Australia, April 2003

Entaloma sp

- Entaloma sp, Swains Gardens, Killara, NSW, April 2003

Cuphocybe sp

- Cuphocybe sp? (Fuhrer p56) Swains Gardens, April 2003

Ramaria sp probably lorithamnus

- Ramaria sp probably lorithamnus Swains Gardens, Killara, July 1, 2006 in leaf mould on sandy soil in Eucalypt forest, gr

Unknown sp

- Unknown sp, Swains Gardens, Killara July 1, 2001

Unknown sp

- Unknown species Swains Gardens, Killara July 1, 2006 in sandy soil in Eucalypt forest, gregarious large colony. Cap plan

Unknown species

- Unknown species, Swains gardens, July 1, 2006 in leaf litter in sandy soil in Eucalypt forest, caespitose and solitary.

Hygrocybe sp

- Hygrocybe sp, Swains Gardens, April 2003

Laetiporus sulphureus

- Laetiporus sulphureus, sometimes called Grifola sulpurea or Polyporus sulphureus. On dead tree stump, Swains Gardens Kil

Boletus mollis

- Boletus mollis, Swains Gardens 2003 Killara Sydney.

Unknown fungi

- Unknown fungi Swains Gardens, Killara, NSW, after heavy rain, December 2, 2007, gregarious caespitose, sweet pleasnat sm

Lactarius clarkeae

- Lactarius clarkeae. Swains Gardens, Killara, NSW after heavy rain, clay soil, urban landscape and wet sclerophyll, in he