Herbert Marcuse

The economic rationality of advanced capitalism is based on falsifying people’s real needs in order to maintain a market system of production and consumption.
This system is now so advanced that intellectual and economic creativity and productivity are channeled through the consumption of largely irrational and wasteful leisure pursuits, such as sport.
Marcuse1.gif The entertainment of the masses helps to suppress more rational ways or organizing societies. Social discontent, which ought to be prevalent considering the slavery of labour, is quelled through ever increasing expansion of consumption.
This repression of any potential for opposing the prevailing system is also upheld in the illusory practice of political freedom. Political freedom is reduced to a choice, at elections, of indistinguishable political representatives, who in engage in inconsequential, technical debates which are exaggerated to effect the illusion of a working democracy.
Modern society is therefore one dimensional. It is irrational as a whole. Its productivity is destructive of the free development of human needs and faculties, its peace maintained by the constant threat of war, its growth dependent on the repression of the real possibilities for pacifying the struggle for existence –individual, national and international.