How many a time have I
Cloven with arm still lustier, breast more daring,
The wave all roughen'd; with a swimmer's stroke
Flinging the billows back from my drench'd hair,
And laughing from my lip the audacious brine,
Which kiss'd it like a wine-cup, rising o'er
The waves as they arose, and prouder still
The loftier they uplifted me.
BYRON: _Two Foscari,_ Act i., Sc. 1.

Photographs of Australian fungi

Photographs of Australian macro fungi found principally in New South Wales, and South East Australia by Jamie Derkenne. High resolution images available upon request. Descriptions by Danja Derkenne. Use the search function to look for particular species or keywords. (eg Boletus in soil)

Auricularia cornea

Auricularia cornea

Auricularia cornea, Dismal Swamp, south of Smithton, west coast of Tasmania, May 2006

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